The present avatar of the association was conceived on the cricket field by the Pathologists Team winning tournament after tournament. It was perceived that to address and discuss issues relating to the pathologists it was imperative to form a registered body with a proper constitution, aims and policies. After some initial groundwork a meeting of all pathologists and microbiologist was called in April 2013 to discuss and formulate the basic framework. Following the tireless efforts of many this was finally achieved in December 2014 culminating in the birth of “Pathologists and Microbiologists Welfare Society”.


(A) To promote the study and encourage research in the Field of Pathology and Microbiology and its allied subjects.

(B) The creation of public opinion in all these different specialities and education of the public in matters relating to the prevention and cure of these diseases in all their aspects and to carry out such publicity as may be found necessary or feasible for attainment of these objects.

(C) The promotion of professional fellowship, co-operation and exchange of views amongst members and to uphold their interests.

(D) To co-operate and co-ordinate and /or affiliate with similar State, National and International Organizations.

(E) To have schemes of benefits for its members and family members.

(F) To organize continuing medical education and training programs meeting and conferences in Pathology and Microbiology.

(G) To establish guidelines for the running and staffing of Pathologist and Microbiologist labs.

(H) To publish scientific papers, journals, monograph and text books aimed at upgrading knowledge and skill.